The Bounce Meter
for Testing Golf Balls

The Bounce Meter Displays %Rebound

The Golf Group App
Sign Up Sheet

A Signup Sheet for a small group of golfers that play together frequently. If you plan on playing, just check the box next to your name. If you aren't playing, don't check the box. It is that simple. No need for phone calls, texts, or emails. Know in advance who is playing. A "must have" communica-
tions tool.

The Pace of Play App
Know if you're behind

This is a cell phone App. Enter your starting time and track you pace of play. Whatever hole you are on, tap on UPDATE, to see where you are supposed to be. It will tell you the hole and the percent complete you should be. If you are lagging behind, you will know instantly. Great for players and Rangers. Works on iPhone and Android phones. Also great for locating a group on the course if there is an emergency.

Take a few strokes off of your game - Use the BOUNCE METER - Contact us for more information

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